Cancer is a condition caused by the chaotic multiplication of cells that invade surrounding tissues or organs and can spread distantly from the origin. It can locate almost in any area of the body: colon, lung, liver, neck, tongue, esophagus, pharynx etc

In the normal mechanism of division, cells grow and multiply to create new ones for the proper functioning of the body, thus old or damaged cells die and are replaced.
Cancer occurs when old or damaged cells do not die and begin to multiply at an astonishing speed, senseless. Rapid accumulation of these cells give rise to tumors. It should be noted that these cells are unable to organize similar to normal tissue and the mass they form do not have the characteristics of normal tissue.
There are some cancers that do not develop any tumors such as cancers of the blood (leukemia).

These cells called malignant spread quickly and seeps inside the tissue. If the grow path is not stopped the cells migrate to other parts of the body and locate to other organs. The lymphatic system and the blood are transport pathways of cancer cells in organs.
Metastases develop after some well-known pattern: for example those suffering from colon cancer have a predisposition to metastasize to the liver or lungs, the lung cancer to the brain, the breast metastasize to the lungs etc.

Unlike malignant cancer, benign tumors do not divide or infiltrate the tissue. Even though such tumors can have considerable size, once removed no longer recur ar give metastases.

Cancer type: Stage III Colorectal cancer
Diagnosed: 2013
Treatments received: Surgery / Chemotherapy
Alternative medicine: Nutrition therapy / Naturopathic medicine

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