The days after the preliminary diagnosis were difficult because additional investigations were carried out: colonoscopy and computer tomography. Then, if the diagnosis of colon cancer was confirmed, I had to find a surgeon to cut the tumor out of my body.
The CT (CAT scan) uses X-rays to get an image inside the human body. Practically, CT examination allows doctors to see images from within the body, organs, from any angle.
The good news for the patient is that the CT is a painless examination.
You will lie down on the exam table, which will slide back and forth inside a ring representing the scanning machine. There will be a faint noise as a result of the operation of the device and you will be asked to hold your breath for a few seconds several times.
For abdominal examination, it is advisable to get 90 minutes before the contrast substance you drink has time to get through your intestines.
I took the examination the very next Wednesday after the echography at the same private clinic. The result of the CT was to confirm that there was a tumor of approx. 6 inches at the joining of the left and transversal part of my colon.
Colonoscopy involves someone getting a hose with a video camera in the body to give a picture of your bowel.
The first part, preparation, was the most unpleasant for me: I bought a white powder (Fortrans) that dissolves in 4 liters of water and you have to drink it within 3-4 hours. It will cause you diarrhea so that the intestine will be emptied and perfectly clean when performing the analysis. The taste of the powder is not necessarily bad, a sweet water, but after 3 liters drank in a short period of time you may have nausea or even vomiting. Do not be afraid: this is perfectly normal.
Colonoscopy, the proper procedure, can be done with or without anesthesia. I did without. This is not a pleasant procedure but necessary for a correct diagnosis.
During the colonoscopy the doctor harvested tissue for biopsy, and the result was received in about 48 hours. Most likely, the harvesting was not done properly, or the size of the tumor did not allow this because the result of the biopsy did not shown any malignant (cancerous) process.

Cancer type: Stage III Colorectal cancer
Diagnosed: 2013
Treatments received: Surgery / Chemotherapy
Alternative medicine: Nutrition therapy / Naturopathic medicine
RJ: My surgery detailed

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