This website is a project of WOACS, the Worldwide Organization of Anonymous Cancer Survivors, aiming to offer professional counselling in alternative/complementary, natural treatments  to cancer patients, their families as well prevention thrivers.

We are not against the classical medical methods (chemo/radio therapy, surgeon) but guess what all the members of our organization have in common?

We all survived by combining the medical guidance with lifestyle changes such as nutrition, spiritual, exercising, plenty of sleep and other techniques that you will discover while visiting our website.

It was not easy because it takes a lot of spirit to stay focused especially when doctors are sharing with you frightening statistics and look with compasion because they think you are going to die. Then maybe your mind starts to build bleak scenarios, your family is discouranged and the negative energy burdens you even more. We, cancer patients, have all went through this! It’s natural and it is ok to be frightned!

But, if you let all this negative information to overwhelm you, you are gone! You will become a number in a statistic! Is this what you want? That’s not your faith! Your faith is to fulfill your dreams, to raise your children, to do whatever your purpose in life is. And then you will go for sure because nobody escaped alive out of life!

YOU have to get up, start doing your own research, ask for help and you will see that results will come. How do we know that without even knowing your medical condition? Because if we did it by doing these things you can do it too! And we are here to help you!

No matter if you are a patient, if you are documenting yourself for someone you care that has cancer or you want to transform your habits so that you will never get cancer we assure you that you are in the right place!

This website is the cumulative effort of the founders and members of our organization, all survivors, that managed to win this important battle of life and turn cancer into a motivation to help other patients and their families.

About the founders

RJ, 35 years old, got diagnosed with colon cancer in December 2013 after a routine medical examination following some mild abdominal upper-left pain. He underwent classic surgery being resected 18 inches of the colon, the spline and the tail of the pancreas. The Duke classification at the moment of the surgery was pT4, pN1b, pMx (stage IIIc out of IV). After surgery, his treatment has consisted of chemotherapy taking a combination of Xeloda and oxaliplatin until August 2014 when he was called cancer-free. Immediately after surgery R. changed my life habits by eating healthy foods, taking supplements (up to 20-25 pills/day), moderate walks, plenty of sleep that improved his wellbeing and kept him in remission (last confirmed by the cat-scan in January 2017). >>Read RJ’s full story

Andrew, 31discovered his colon cancer in April 2016 after noticing the pale colour of his skin, permanent fatigue, some strange noises in his ears as well as a strong anemia. The surgery took place in May 2016 when the doctors had to remove 7 inches of his colon, 18 inches of the small intestine and the appendix. One month after recovery Andrew started 4 heavy sessions of the xeloda and oxaliplatine protocol but decided to turn to the natural healing because the chemo was making him sick. He started to eat healthy, drank vegetables and fruits juices, gave up on sugar, alcohol and smoking and eating meat ocasionally. Plus he got countless supplements (even 25 pills a day). Andrew is in remission as of today. >>Read his full story

Please note that these are not our real names, one of the governing principles of our organization being to remain anonymous.

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