My name is Andrew, I am one of the founders of and colon cancer survivor since 2016. In the following lines, you will find my cancer healing story.
It is not easy to suddenly find that you have colon cancer, especially when you are 30 years old, have plans and a lot of dreams ahead of you. At that moment, I was doing what in general guys of my age do: go out with friends, drink alcohol on weekends, bad sleep and eat junk foods.
Apparently, my health status was stronger than ever: blood test taken in November 2015 were within parameters, I was weighting 43 lbs at 5,74 feet tall.

After partying intensively during the winter holidays, in February 2016 I started going to a local gym three or four times a week to do some exercising and gain some muscles. From time to time I was taking protein supplements when I started noticing that these were causing me excessive abdominal gases and my skin was turning white. It did not sink in for the moment, but things got worse in March when I was feeling exhausted doing my daily routine. In May symptoms worsen even more: I could barely walk down the street, some noises in the ears became quite disturbing, I felt that my heart was beating much louder than usual, I was night sweating heavily.

It was clear I need to run some blood tests. Within days I received the results showing that my hemoglobin was 7 g/dL (the minimum is 13 for my age) meaning a severe anemia from a still unknown cause. I decided that was time to schedule an appointment with a gastroenterologist doctor which I did in the next few days. After he conducted an abdominal ultrasound test and the colonoscopy the conclusion was that I have two bleeding tumors in my colon and need to be hospitalized immediately for additional test and blood transfusions.

Five days later I was with my mother in the car leaving the hospital, waiting for the biopsy result confident that I cannot have cancer. While driving, I grabbed the phone, called the doctor but shockingly he told me that the result is not very good and the tumors are malignant. I have not sketched any gesture, did not panic, nor started to cry. I just turned to my mother and said: “It looks like I have a small cancer”.
She wanted to cry, but I said again: “Mom is already too late for that. We would better use all the energy to see what can be done to get through this, bad thoughts and tears certainly will not help us”.

In May 2016 I got the surgery and the doctors had to remove 7 inches of my colon, 18 inches of the small intestine and the appendix. A tumor formation have been found in adipose tissue: out of the 24 lymph nodes, two were metastasized. After recovery, the next step was to start the chemotherapy. As I was not very convinced with that, I went to several doctors and oncologists for the second opinion but all had the same version: 12 sessions of chemotherapy – the protocol of Xeloda (Capecitabine) and Oxaliplatine.
I began to do that but I gave up after four sessions only as the side effects were ferocious: pain of all kinds, permanent fatigue putting me to bed.

Instead of chemo I mobilized myself and gave my life a fresh restart: eat healthy, drank vegetables and fruits juices, gave up on sugar, alcohol and smoking and opted to eat meat ocasionally. Plus I got countless supplements (even 25 pills a day).
All this effort worth any penny as it helped me recover my strength and health. Today I can strongly say that I am cured. I feel better than ever and got over the surgery and chemo traumas.

As life gave me a second chance I want to help other patients to win the battle over the cancer as I did. To this purpose together with RJ we started the and the WOACS projects where you will find useful, 100% tested information about alternatives to the classic treatments as well as prevention tips on how not to get cancer.

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