I am RJ, 35 years old, one of the founders of cancerofcancer.com and WOACS and cancer survivor since 2013. This is my survivor story.

The day that completely changed my life
I still remember it as if it was yesterday: 27th of November 2013, a day like any other, nothing in particular except for a routine medical check as I had some abdominal pain in the last couple of weeks. The doctor that consulted me saw nothing changed in particular, but told me to take an abdominal echography just to make sure – nothing to worry about. But the scan revealed a scary thing: a large tumor in my colon. The CAT scan and colonoscopy done in the next few days confirmed that the tumor, located on the left side of my body is huge: 5.9 inches!

The surgery and post-surgery treatment
I underwent surgery in December 2013 and the diagnosis was terrifying: third degree cancer  and they had to remove apart from the colon also my spleen and the tail of the pancreas. The result of the biopsy came 5 days only before Christmas and devasted both me and my family. I was not thinking of me (I admit I was scared though), but of my wife and my little baby-boy that was 1 year and 9 months old at that moment!! All my dreams and plans seemed to end! I tried to remain calm, but you can’t when you see your entire life falling apart.

I started chemo at the beginning of January 2014 and in the very next month I received another kick: the cancer has spread to liver and lungs!! The doctors recommended a more aggressive treatment that I took from February to August 2014 (xeloda + oxaliplatine + avastin) and luckily I got in remission. Today I am still here, still in remission.

The very next day after surgery I decided to go for the fight as I wanter to live! I mobilized my spirit, I changed my life habits completely: turned to eating healthy food, started meditation, taking supplements, becoming a better person spiritually, going to church, read a lot about my disease. I think that this helped me a lot in this period.

Today I am still in remission for the fourth year!

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